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Cheers marchers!

Cheers marchers!

As the March to Leave sets off, Nigel has this special message for all the marchers:

The March To Leave is a resounding success, thanks to the efforts of all those who chipped in their £50 to join. I used some of the money to raise a pint in your honour, so rest assured it has not gone to waste!

Naturally, I would love to march with you, but I hurt my knee running out of the EU Parliament after I finished my “piece to camera” there the other day. Looking through the window of the snug, I can see that the British weather is doing what it does best! Be proud that you are marching in it, and know that I am with you in spirit even if it’s more the case that the spirits are in me at the moment.

I know that you are all looking forward to me joining you and rest assured, that I will be heading your triumphant march at the finish line.

4 Responses

  1. Arthur Braincell says:

    You is are man Niggel we wont are cuntry back and something about WTO democrasy will of the people Winston Churchill something – NO SURRRENDUR !

  2. Ray Sistjerk says:

    Im INGLISH n livin in Wayels. We conckered there cuntry wunce, n now we want ur colluny bak. Make em all speke INGLISH.

  3. Deborah Phillips says:


  4. They’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us Nigel… Including your wife and kids… ooh hang on they do speak German… oh well never mind Taek back control !!!

    Good luck in the EU elections… Hope the dolphin party don’t put a candidate up in this one

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