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Too much democracy

Too much democracy

Nigel Farage is an experienced MEP of twenty years. During his three years representing the interests of UK fishermen as a member of the Fisheries Committee, Nigel turned up to almost two of their 40 meetings. It is this level of commitment that he hopes will gain your support for him when we elect the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Let’s face it, we are in a bit of a pickle. Democracy and voting are wonderful things – they go together like a creamy pint of nut-brown bitter and a cigarette. But like ciggies and pints of bitter, you can have too many of them and start feeling a bit queasy. We had a nice pint of democracy in 2016, followed by a general election whisky chaser. But having puffed away on our parliamentary Marlboros for 3 years, it looks like we might be forced to the EU election kebab shop for a donner. It is tepid, slimy, has brown lettuce hanging out, and the meat has a patch of thick burnt hair and a large vein running through it.

Vote for me and the Brexit Party will take your disgusting unwanted democracy and throw it in the gutter where it will be squashed by the tyres of a UKIP Brexit Party taxi driven by an angry racist. I promise to turn up at the EU parliament (occasionally!) and urinate in the front garden of Johnny Foreigner by insulting everyone and ranting inconsequentially for the Brexit Party Youtube channel. It’s a wonderful lark! Except when debating expenses, of course, which is a serious matter and is always well-attended.

Vote for the Brexit Party and your MEP will pledge to take their wage while not doing a jot of work for it. You have my word on that! – Nigel


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  1. Anonymous says:

    great job keep up not working Nigel

  2. Brexit is bonkers says:

    Great news Nige, i would vote for you even if you never turned up at all – who cares about fish when there are more important things to fry… Johnnie foreigner should be taught a serious lesson about British democracy, turn up for your expenses before visit to the pub and lunch. Regards to Jean Claude. Cheers mines a nut brown.

  3. Maggie says:

    Wow Nigel. Can’t tell you how happy I am today and I had tears in my eyes watching the launch of The Brexit Party because now I feel somebody is fighting our corner and will lead us through the exit door of the EU. I really appreciate all that you and your candidates are and will be doing on our behalf and look forward to a great future in our great country.

    I do feel for the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker, Sir William Cash and the other members of the ERG because they are voices in the wilderness of a remainer Parliament.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your correct he is a C@#t..

  5. craig mcclaren stevens says:

    WeLL i Cant waiT to JOIN your wonderful party and kick all those Johnny FORIGNERS OUT!!!!! THEY MAKE OUR LIVES MISREBLE by working harder and being better CITIZENS its not ”’ENGLISH””
    I do HOPENIG that ICAN bee recommended to join your GENTLEMANS HOME FROM HOME CLUB THEEAST INDIA CLUB ASI HAVE a new WHITE VAN with a flag of STGEORGES painted on it and am a market stall holder so know ALL ABOUT EAST INDIAN TRADERS. Cant WAIT TO BE IN POWER.

  6. Jacob says:

    Why Farage is a cunt: an investigation into an alcoholic wastrel

    All information is in public domain, good sources used where possible.

    You don’t know how much people dislike him outside the readership of “fake news” like Express or Daily Mail (Both UKiP supporting rags).

    Are they “Fake News”? Yes.

    Wikipedia refuses to allow DM as a source for their articles (in a bid to tackle unsourced fake news and incorrect entries). Wikipedia bans Daily Mail as ‘unreliable’ source

    I have no time for Farage, and I struggle to write about him without using foul language. Within 4 years EVERYONE in UK will most likely detest the Farage, and will be chasing him and telling him clearly to Farage Off.

    As to Farage himself, He’s a first class phoney. I’m told he’s really likeable in person, but I’d still have to work hard not to punch him.

    These are discussed later in this post. Feel free to challenge, most ‘Kippers do, and usually fail(!).

    He is a hypocrite.
    He has been caught lying too many times.
    Alleged corruption.
    He Misrepresents facts and makes Non Sequitur statements.
    He incites racial “division”, and does nothing to calm down his far right followers.
    He makes jokes about murder victims
    He is an alcoholic
    He isn’t a competent person to run a party (or represent a constituency).
    He takes credit for things that weren’t entirely his doing.
    He is poor at his paid job.
    Lets take them one at a time:

    HYPOCRITE (1):

    As the son of a Rich alcoholic Stockbroker, Farage had the Privilaged upbringing of attending Dulwich College (a Public School in London).

    Despite the entitlement and exclusivity of attending a fee paying school, he refers to his ONLY MP (Douglas Carswell, failed Tory, argues about Physics with Professors and looks silly) as “Posh Boy”. Clearly, as someone who attendened a state school I don’t entirely get how one Privately educated son of a stock broker can call anyone else “Posh”. Hence Hypocrite.

    (NF- Privately Educated:Nigel Farage schooldays letter reveals concerns over fascism & NF called Douglas Carswell “Posh Boy”: Farage: ‘Posh Boy Carswell Told Me I Should Have NO Role In The EU Referendum’ [SORRY – This is fake news site ‘Breitbart’]).

    HYPOCRITE (2):

    “Britain is overpopulated” – He’s said many, many variations on this theme.

    He doesn’t mention he has 4 children, and has brought a wife (soon to be ex-wife) from Germany (effectively adding both Children and Wife to the Population Boom he publicly laments).

    LINK ADDED September 2018: Nigel Farage: two of my children have German passports

    He is also “sharing a house” with a French (?) Lady. If we work on 2 Kids being population renewal, he’s brought two women to UK (that we know of) and had two extra kids. Hypocrite!

    Nigel Farage: It’s official…Britain’s population surge is TOTALLY out of control (Fake news site “Daily Express”)

    Politician ‘sharing’ Nigel Farage’s pad brands English women ‘drunken tarts’

    Hypocrite (3):

    After “successfully rescuing us from the EU” (yuck!) he has been seen at the German Embassy, speculated to be getting German Passports for members of his family. So my kids are British (they could eventually claim a Chinese Passport) – but he’s happily robbed my children of their EU rights, but has rushed to secure EU Citizenship for his family. Hypocritical B******.

    Alleged sighting of Farage at German embassy sparks citizenship speculation (n.b. Guardian is quite clear about this being speculation about HIS German passport – which he denies – but he doesn’t (AFAIK) deny its about his family’s passports). It potentially could be about his forthcoming divorce.

    Hypocrite (4):

    Farage: ‘52-48 result would be unfinished business’

    Nigel Farage wants second referendum if Remain campaign scrapes narrow win

    Compare with his gloating and pushing for the most extreme of damaging actions against us Brits (n.b. Farage is of french descent).

    Hypocrite (5):

    He tells us we can make it on our own, but drives a Volvo. As far as I know, Volvo don’t make cars in Britain and don’t use British Steel.

    Hypocrite (6):

    He will refer to other MEPs and EU employees as having “their snout in the trough” – yet he is still there.


    “£55Million a day to be in the EU” (NIGEL FARAGE: It costs £55 MILLION a day to be an EU member – and for what? – Fake News site Express, but written by Farage)

    UK statistics chief says Vote Leave £350m figure is misleading True figure is far, far lower than that.


    “I survived and assassination attempt” – Yeah, Right…

    Nigel Farage: I made a ‘terrible, terrible mistake’ over assassination attempt claims

    Lies (3):

    Claims Obama banned Iraqis for 6 months, this was not true. Though in fairness, he was repeating what his “friend / sponsor” said.

    Actual truth (I’m open to counter proofs…):

    Trump’s facile claim that his refugee policy is similar to Obama’s in 2011


    “We can’t control our borders”

    In short: yes we can, and we sometimes do.

    Rest of world Immigration is under UK control . – Yes we control our borders.

    We are not in Schengen Area (Look it up) – Yes we control our borders.

    We can impose requirements on EU citizens who are in UK Longer than 3 Months, BUT CHOSE NOT TO. (2004/38/EC) – Yes we control our borders.

    Yet Farage tells the scared old ladies of Brexit:

    We can’t control our borders while remaining in the EU

    Lies (∞):

    (Can’t be bothered to go into more details the troll irritates the Farage out of me! but there are an absolute tome of them not recorded here).

    Does Nigel Farage Tell Lies? Yes, Here’s Five Of Them

    Alleged Corruption:

    Language necessary to avoid “Complications”, I’ll leave you to read these:

    from 2004: “It has been reprimanded for using funds improperly, including in the cause of the “metric martyr”.” – Ukip takes its cause to Brussels

    As Well as:

    Nigel Farage denies claims over employing ‘former mistress’ with public funds

    Nigel Farage ‘Sharing House’ With Politician Embroiled In Illegal Funding Row

    Ukip-controlled European group misspent €500,000

    Misrepresentation of Facts and Non-Sequitur arguments (1):

    He makes several typical false statements in this speech at the EU after the Advisory Referendum vote to Leave.

    Noteworthy, he pretends to have “lead a campaign” – when he was actually shunned by both major campaigns who allegedly thought his presence toxic.

    He had one of his multi-millionaire sponsors/friends start an insignificant campaign called “Get Out” (GO). When I spoke with the Brexiteers on the “Vote Leave” bus, they were pretty dismissive of him, knowing how public perceive him.

    His discussion also shows several flawed logic statements (Non Sequitur), as well as providing near instant ridicule for the occupations of those around him (and their reactions).

    Here is the Chief Surgeon of the EU who knows how important REAL independence is as he grew up in a soviet Gulag. I’d imagine he finds Farage’s statements about “Independent Britain” truly laughable, but he’s a stoic professional and wouldn’t hold up signs, just holds his head in his hands that this person keeps banging on…

    Misrepresentation of Facts and Non-Sequitur arguments (2):

    His vitriol filled Facebook statements.

    “Last Year nearly 1 in 4 schools were oversubscribed or full.

    We Must Leave EU and control our borders”.

    I’m angry with this. There is so much wrong with it. Misrepresentation AND Non Sequitur.

    A: “Last Year” – Was it a freak year???

    B: “Nearly 1 in 4” – not quite 1 in 4 then, was it 23% (as 22% is closer to 1 in 5).

    C: “Oversubscribed or Full” – These are two different things. I’d argue “Full” is good, whereas “Oversubscribed” is bad. -What were the figures for both of those factors on their own?

    D: Non Sequitur final statement: “We must Leave the EU…” He’s missed a few logical steps here to prove out the cause of “Oversubscribed” was EU Migrants (Or Migrants in general) – and not because someone has 4 kids called Thomas, Victoria, Samuel and Isobelle).

    E: “Control our Borders” – We do control our borders, and we have measures in place to move EU Migrants on if they are a problem (Please read 2004/38/EC – http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriS… )

    Once again, typical Farage does not cite sources for his data to back up as “fact”. Unreliable.

    So what he’s saying is “Some British Schools are running efficiently at 100%, some have too many pupils and there should be more money invested in the areas, and some have empty spaces. Approx 77% of Schools have available places”.

    Inciting racial “Division”(1):

    Ukip’s Nigel Farage Tells LBC Radio: I Don’t Want Romanians as my Neighbours [AUDIO]

    Inciting racial “Division”(2):

    (This could equally be “Misrepresentation” or “Lies”):

    It’s now clear: UKIP and the Tories were wrong about Romanian and Bulgarian immigration

    Inciting racial “Division”(3):

    Yes, it really isn’t Europe, yes, it really is a Nazi Reworking:

    This is Real. He really did this. This is not a European country, this is not a border of a European Country, this is a Turkish Border route.

    Common statements from Kippers include “Look they’re all men”. I can see kids in that mix, and frankly knowing about some of the routes away from these warzones, often the women & kids are better in Refugee camps until the men can get established and earning to bring their wife and kids.

    I don’t know who came up with the idea for the poster, but it’s amazing, almost like they have been watching WW2 Nazi Propaganda and either consciously or subconsciously aped the design.

    Farage remains unrepentant about the Nazi Similarities or the misrepresentation of the Area and population involved. He’s quite happy to scare people with this “Dog whistle racial” stuff.

    He makes jokes about Murder victims.

    Nigel Farage branded ‘shameful’ for claiming victory ‘without a single bullet being fired’

    Low. Disgusting. Shameful. Farage.

    He Couldn’t leave it there:

    Nigel Farage Sparks Fury After Attacking Brendan Cox And Hope Not Hate On Air

    Yet now, his German wife has finally had enough and parted company with our own “useful idiot” farage, and farage begs:

    “Leave My Wife And Children Alone”: Nigel Farage’s Personal Plea To Media

    Dispicable. Happy to have a go at a man whos lost his wife to right wing hate he spouts, but asks for peace for his own estranged wife.

    Typical Farage, playing the victim.

    He’s an alcoholic, as was his dad.

    Often you have trouble finding footage of him when he’s sober.

    It’s his “trade mark” along with a gurning face.

    He isn’t competent to run a party. Ask anyone where he’s ever failed to be elected.

    He’s actually never been elected. Seriously.

    He’s held EU MEP seats (where the d’Hondt system allocates the largest party votes 1 seat and halves the “vote tally” then awards 2nd, 3rd, and 4th etc on similar basis until all the seats are allocated).

    So under EU d’Hondt Elections (yes, it’s democratic!), technically you don’t vote for candidates, you vote for parties. So even though Farage has been democratically appointed to the EU Parliament, no one votes for HIM (or anyone) during the Polling, they vote for the parties.

    Westminister Elections: stood 7 times and unelected 7 times.

    Also includes a Plane crash (controversy corner there). Banner was too long, but somewhere between the pilot (Dead, suicide) and Farage they decided to pull it. Controversy also covers whether or not the pilot had threatened Farage before Farage called the police reporting the alleged threats. Subsequent threats were made via 999 emergency services and are recorded.

    He takes credit for things he didn’t achieve:

    See the EP speech up top. Does he really give credit to Vote Leave or Leave.EU?

    He is absolutely Awful at doing his job(1):

    Farage was British representation on the European Fisheries commission.

    He had the job of looking after British interests.

    He did not take that job seriously, and as a result stirred up hatred towards the EU for not taking British interests seriously.

    Farage’s voting record on fishing ‘makes mockery’ of new election poster

    He is absolutely Awful at doing his job(2):

    Nigel Farage ISN’T the worst at voting in the EU Parliament – He’s the 2nd worst out of about 746 MEPs.

    In conclusion, he is a cunt.

  7. Nigel says:

    Damn you flipper.

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